Scuba Diver Course

Learn to scuba dive

This program is for students who do not have the time to complete the Open Water Diver program, and provides you with the training and experience required to dive in open water environments under the supervision of a dive professional. You will earn the SSI Scuba Diver certification, which can be upgraded to the SSI Open Water Diver certification with additional training.

Course Breakdown


  • Training materials are designed so that you can study the academics at your own pace when it’s convenient for you.
  • Please start with your course material well in advance to give you enough time to read through and complete theory/knowledge reviews prior to our academic session at the store.
  • Estimated time to complete online theory/knowledge reviews is approximately 3 hours of home study.
  • The in-store academic session comprises of approximately 3 hours. This time is dedicated to assisting with any theory questions prior to completing a written exam, followed by a kit up session.
  • The pool session takes approcimately 3 hours and will be booked on commencement of your course, normally on a Saturday/Sunday.
  • The sea dive will be determined after successfull completion of the written exam and pool session assessments.
  • Sea dive will take 1 day to complete.


  • Minimum age of 15 years, unless enrolling as a junior diver, then the minimum age will be 10 years old.
  • A medical statement by a licensed physician stating that you are medically fit to scuba dive.
  • Recent ID photo (Required for training records)
  • Full payment required before commencement of your course.

Aim of the course

  • The aim of the course is to train students according to standards set by the relevant international training organisation and to maintain a level of safety and communication between the student and instructor.
  • The Scuba Dive course is a quick and easy way to experience the world of scuba diving before you become an Open Water Diver.
  • The Scuba Diver course is designed for people who do not have the time to complete the entire Open Water Diver course or who want to experience the Open Water diving environment before commiting to the Open Water Diver course.
  • The Scuba Diver certification qualifies you to dive under direct supervition of an Open Water Instrutor for 6 months after earning your certification.
  • If you decide to become an Open Water Diver within 6 months, you can credit your Scuba Diver certification to your Open Water Diver course. T & C apply.

Equipment requirements

  • You will be required to provide your own basic snorkelling equipment, soft gear (minimum snorkel, mask, fins & booties). Gloves are recommended.
  • If you are planning to purchase any equipment before your course, it would be advised to obtain advice from your instrutor first.

confined water (pool) session

  • Pool sessions lay the foundation of the scuba diving and to train in the essential skills to become a certified Scuba Diver.
  • Confined water training consist of a number of required scuba skills demonstrated by the instructor, some of these skills are : Regulator cleaning, regulator retrieval, mask cleaning, stationary air sharing, equalization techniques, buoyancy check, controlled decent, neutral buoyancy, controlled ascent with a buddy and air sharing ascent.
  • Gear Maintenance.
  • Record keeping.
  • Debriefing.

open water training (sea dive)

  • You need to complete a minimum of 2 sea dives with the emphasis on skill training.
  • Practical application of the skills taught in confined water will be briefed, executed and applied.
  • Please remember that the charter/transport is not included.


Basic Diver Course : R2500


Includes :


  • SSI profile with a Scuba Diver course loaded.
  • Scuba equipment, wetsuit and weights.
  • Student folder.
  • Student logbook.
  • Registration.


Exclusions :


  • Charter/transport.
  • Diving medical examination by a licensed physician.
  • Public pool entry fees (If applicable)
  • MPA permit (Can be obtained at any Post Office)

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