Rescue, first aid, cpr course package

Become a Rescue Diver

This program was designed to give you a comprehensive rescue qualification that includes First Aid & Basic Life Support (EFR) combined with an O2 provider and Hazardous Marine Life course. This course will give you the necessary knowledge and skills needed to manage risks and to effectively handle limited in-water problems and diving emergencies.

You will be able to recognise and manage stress in other divers, rescue panicked divers and rescue unresponsive divers both on the surface and at depth. You will gain increased comfort and confidence by understanding how to recognise and prevent stress in other divers. 

Course Breakdown


  • Training materials are designed so that you can study the academics at your own pace when it’s convenient for you.
  • Please start with your course material well in advance to give you enough time to read through and complete theory/knowledge reviews prior to our academic session at the store.
  • Estimated time to complete online theory/knowledge reviews is approximately 3 hours of home study.
  • The in-store academic session comprises of approximately 3 hours. This time is dedicated to assisting with any Rescue theory prior to a comprehensive pool session.
  • The 2 pool session takes approcimately 3 hours each and will be booked during your theory day.
  • First Aid & Basic Life Support (EFR) theory in store is approximately 3 hours, followed by practical application of around 2 hours. This will be booked with you well in advance.
  • Final evaluation will be determined after successful completion of the written exams, pool sessions and practical assessments.


  • Minimum age of 12 years for the SSI Diver Stress & Resque course.
  • Proof of Open Water Diver qualification or equivalent thereof.
  • Proof of last logged dive (up to date logbook).
  • A medical statement by a licensed physician stating that you are medically fit to scuba dive.
  • Recent ID photo (Required for training records)
  • Full payment required before commencement of your course.

Course content

A diving emergency is rarely a single event. More often than not, seperate small problems can compound into a larger emergency. The Rescue Diver course combines 5 courses into 1.

  • SSI Stress & Rescue.
  • SSI React Rite.
  • O2 Provider.
  • Advanced O2 Provider.
  • Hazardous Marine Life Injuries (HMLI)

This program integrates the knowledge and skills from several training programs into a single course. After completing the skills and knowledge development portion of this program, a diver can then bring everything together in a Resque scenario.

Equipment requirements

  • You will be required to provide your own basic snorkelling equipment, soft gear (minimum snorkel, mask, fins and booties). Gloves are recommended.
  • We strongly recommend your own wetsuit and weight system.
  • We strongly recommend your own hard gear set (BC, Regulator, Octo combo).
  • If you are planning to purchase any equipment before the course, it would be advised to obtain advice from your instrutor first. T&C apply.


Rescue Package : R7500


Includes the following certifications upon completion :


  • SSI Stress & Rescue
  • SSI React Rite
  • O2 Provider
  • Advanced O2 Provider
  • Hazardous Marine Life Injuries (HMLI)


Exclusions :


  • Charter/transport where applicable.
  • Diving medical examination by a licensed physician.
  • Public pool entry fees (If applicable)
  • MPA permit (Can be obtained at any Post Office)

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