Peak Performance Buoyancy

Peak Performance Buoyance Course

Do you want to increase your buoyancy control, minimize your breathing gas consumption, or move effortlessly above the ocean floor? The SSI Perfect Buoyancy program teaches you the skills and techniques needed to maximize your dive experience, increase your comfort in the water, and get the most from your equipment. You will earn the SSI Perfect Buoyancy Specialty certification.

Course Breakdown


  • Training materials are designed so that you can study the academics at your own pace when it’s convenient for you. Please enquire about our online study options.
  • Please start with your course material well in advance to give you enough time to read through and complete theory/knowledge reviews prior to our qualifying dives.
  • The estimated time to complete the online theory/knowledge reviews are approximatly 3 hours of home study.
  • A minimum of 3 diving days are required.


  • Proof of Open Water Diver qualification and proof of last logged dive (up to date logbook).
  • Minimum age for this course is 12 years of age.
  • A medical statement by a licensed physician stating that you are medically fit to scuba dive.
  • Recent ID photo (Required for training records)
  • Full payment required before commencement of your course.

Aim of the course

  • The aim is to train students according to standards set by the relevant international organisation and to maintain a level of safety and communication between student and instructor.
  • To learn to trim your scuba gear so you’re perfectly balanced in the water.
  • To become familiar with nuances in determining weight so you’re not too light nor too heavy by even a slight degree.
  • To know how to streamline to save air and move smoothly through the water.
  • To learn how to hover effortlessly in both vertical and horizontal positions.
  • The Peak Performance Buoyancy course refines the basic skills you learned as an Open Water Diver and greatly compliments the Wreck Diver and Digital Underwater Photographer couses.

Equipment requirements

  • You will be required to provide your own basic snorkelling equipment, soft gear (minimum snorkel, mask, fins and booties). Gloves are recommended.
  • If you are planning to purchase any equipment before the course, it would be advised to obtain advice from your instructor first.
  • We strongly recommend that you bring your own wetsuit and weight system.


Peak Performance Buoyancy Course : R2000

* 1 Pool dive and 2 open water dives.

* Excludes boat charter fees.

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