Night Diving and the adventures it holds…

Written By : Walkerbay Dive School
April 2, 2020

Why do night dives?

Night dives aren’t as glamorous as diving in the day. Here is where preparation is key and a good dive leader is of paramount importance. Night diving gives divers the ability to see the creatures of the deep in live action during a dive like this, during the day all form of sea creatures that you see will be the ones as close to shore as they can get. Sea creatures are always more active at night, this is when they hunt and when the small dive sites become a big playfield for photographers.

During one of these excursions it is quite difficult to see where you are going and what you are doing, but grab a flashlight and you will have no problem finding the bottom or finding the fish swimming past you. Divers who aren’t scared of the dark will definitely love the scenery, the eerie feeling and the sense of trespassing as you descend into the dark depths.

Night Diving on Reefs

Equipment requirements

Night diving is only fun when all equipment requirements are met, not only for the diver’s safety but also for the safety of the sea creatures and for the corals around us. Having good buoyancy skills are very important for the safety of the diver. A flashlight is the best way to seeing in the dark, but always have a secondary light in case the primary floods/batteries die.

Gloves are always recommended for night dives as one can never predict what you might put your hand on when descending or when coming back up on the rope. Gloves are always a good idea when diving regardless of the temperature.

Attatch a glow stick to your buddy for good visibility when your buddy starts swimming in another direction, making sure different teams of buddies have different colors to identify them all.

A compass will be of utmost importance if the dive leader gets lost or one of the divers gets lost for finding your way back to the boat will be rather difficult without one.

Emergency O2/DAN pack will always be available but make sure to know where it is and who in the group is trained well enough to use it. DAN Pack is the Diver Alert Network pack that has all the requirements to help aid a diver in need.

Necessary knowledge for this excursion

Having the Advanced Adventurer qualification is necessary to do any form of night diving/deep diving or navigation diving. The knowledge that you procure through training and will ensure your safety.

Navigational skills should be good enough to know how to navigate a compass and how to find your way back to the shore/boat.  Knowing how to read the gauges and how to signal the dive leader with the diving light.

Remember it is important to have fun and to protect the ocean life.